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War brings up global threat: the world in the crosshairs of cyber attacks

Cyberspace stands out as a strategic area in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Alongside geopolitical issues and the humanitarian crisis, cybersecurity has been highlighted in the international news about the war launched by Russia against Ukraine on February 24, 2022. In the opinion of Thiago Branquinho, CTO of TI Safe, the intense […] ]

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TI Safe sponsors the UFRJ Aerospace Research Group

The company will contribute to the implementation of cybersecurity in the manufacture of rockets that will participate in the Spaceport America Cup mission The UFRJ Aerospace Research Student Group, formed by the Minerva Rockets and Minerva Sats teams, founded by students from Poli-UFRJ, works in an integrated manner with the University [...] in the process of training high-level professionals, entrepreneurs [...]

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