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Electric sector companies have 17 months to implement security controls defined by the National System Operator (ONS)

At the UTCAL Summit 2022, TI Safe presented solutions to adapt to the operational routine RO-CB.BR.01 Rio de Janeiro once again hosted the UTCAL Summit in person. In the last two years, the event that promotes the meeting of public service concessionaires with regulators, government, research centers, entrepreneurs, industry, suppliers and national and international experts, had […]

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TI Safe and Impact: Social Transformation through Cybersecurity

Manager shared experience in Industrial Cyber ​​Security with project students. The IT Safe Industrial Cyber ​​Security Risk Manager, Emílio Arimatea, took his knowledge about Cyber ​​Security for Critical Infrastructures to the students of Plataforma Impact, a social technology education project located in Favela da Rocinha, in Rio de Janeiro. […]

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CLASS Special: The challenge of cyber protection in Smart Cities

Kleber Canuto, Data Sciences coordinator at SENAI Paraná, details the theme of Hackathon 2022. The 4th Latin American Conference on Security in SCADA (CLASS), which will take place between June 28 and 30, 2022, in Curitiba, is among the main world events in the area of ​​cyber security for Industrial Control Systems. In the week […]

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TI Safe ICS-SOC®: hotspot of cybersecurity talent

The day-to-day monitoring of clients brings appropriate conditions for professional development. A profession that a few years ago did not even officially exist is currently one of the most sought after and well paid on the market. No, we're not talking about Youtubers, we're talking about cybersecurity experts. But, exactly what does this professional do? […]

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War brings up global threat: the world in the crosshairs of cyber attacks

Cyberspace stands out as a strategic area in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Alongside geopolitical issues and the humanitarian crisis, cybersecurity has been highlighted in the international news about the war launched by Russia against Ukraine on February 24, 2022. In the opinion of Thiago Branquinho, CTO of TI Safe, the intense […] ]

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Why shouldn't IT and Hybrid SOCs be used to secure industrial networks?

Article by Marcelo Branquinho for Caderno especial Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial details the topic Originating in Spain, the Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial (CCI) is a non-profit association formed by professionals and private and public bodies concerned with the growing risk in automation and industrial digitization. The CCI works to advance and improve […]

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TI Safe launches book on Industrial Cyber ​​Security

There are 413 pages on the dangers to critical infrastructures and examples of the efficiency of the methodology developed by the company Marcelo Branquinho and Thiago Branquinho, founding partners and, respectively, CEO and CTO of TI Safe, are the authors of the book “Industrial Cybersecurity – As infrastructures worldwide criticism is in jeopardy. Learn how to secure networks and control systems […]

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TI Safe sponsors the UFRJ Aerospace Research Group

The company will contribute to the implementation of cybersecurity in the manufacture of rockets that will participate in the Spaceport America Cup mission The UFRJ Aerospace Research Student Group, formed by the Minerva Rockets and Minerva Sats teams, founded by students from Poli-UFRJ, works in an integrated manner with the University [...] in the process of training high-level professionals, entrepreneurs [...]

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