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Turn-key cybersecurity for TO networks connected to the ONS

Systemic risk: electric sector in the hot seat

A transformer explosion left the state of Amap√° without power in November 2020 and exposed the fragility of the Brazilian electrical system. Could an incident like this be caused by a cyber attack?

Yes. To try to reduce this systemic risk, ANEEL together with the ONS have been working for some years on procedures that shield electrical structures against cyber risks. In 2021, RO-CB.BR.01 was published.

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Energy companies need to protect themselves

The new operational routine RO-CB.BR.01 must be implemented by all energy companies that make up the ARCiber, including the agents' operation centers, equipment that participate in the infrastructure for sending or receiving data and voice to operating environments of the ONS or to operating centers of other agents and the operating environment of the ONS.

The minimum controls that make up the procedure must be implemented in two waves, the first in 18 months and the second in 27 months from the date of publication (D0).

What do I need to do?



Entry into force of the Operational Routine



Onda 1

  • ARCiber isolated from the internet
  • Mandatory VPN usage
  • Appointment of Cybersecurity Officer
  • Approved Security Policy
  • Asset inventory


Onda 2

  • Evolution of segregation of ARCiber networks
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Incident monitoring and response
See the new RO-CB.BR.01 Routine

The IT Safe ONS Ready solution

Turn-key package offered exclusively by TI Safe that aims to establish cyber security countermeasures in energy infrastructure so that they comply with what is specified in the new ONS RO.

The solution aims to bring the security of operational networks to a higher level, in addition to providing greater maturity to the system. The solution includes all the technological countermeasures necessary to improve the technological architecture of operating networks, information security governance, asset inventory, vulnerability management, access management, continuous monitoring and incident response.


Find out: Does your company meet the new RO?



ONS Ready Webinar

TI Safe, in partnership with CISO Advisor, held a webinar on June 19, 2021 to explain the initiatives needed to achieve the goals of the new RO. Check out!