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Our differences

Marcelo Branquinho

Marcelo Branquinho

CEO and Founder

Electrical engineer with specialization in computer systems and MBA in business management, being founder and CEO of TI Safe. Specialist in industrial cybersecurity. He is the author of several technical books and published works and frequently presents technical studies at international congresses. Senior member of ISA Internacional, he works in several working groups, such as the current ISA / IEC-62443.

Renato Mendes

Renato Mendes

Regional director

Electronic Engineer with specialization in computing carried out in the USA and Germany and an MBA in business management. Specialist in systems design and development for industries in various sectors in Brazil and abroad. Participated in the implementation of dozens of systems projects in critical infrastructures integrating the areas of IT and automation. He participated in the first initiatives in Brazil in the area of ​​industrial data protection and is Regional Director of TI Safe.

Leonardo Cardoso

Leonardo Cardoso

Regional director

Specialist in industrial cybersecurity, he has a bachelor's degree in marketing and has extensive marketing experience working in large multinational companies where he held strategic positions throughout his career. In addition to writing for ON & OFF media vehicles, he is also a forensic expert in information and communication technology with the TRT of the 5th. Bahia region. Speaker, he is co-author of the book “Industrial Automation Security & SCADA” and Regional Director of TI Safe.

Thiago Braga Branquinho, CISA, CRISC

Thiago Braga Branquinho, CISA, CRISC

CTO and Founder

Carioca from the 80s, he has been passionate about bits and bytes since he was a child, when he won his first computer. Biologist by training and entrepreneurial spirit, he worked in multidisciplinary projects in the areas of environment, waste management, sustainability, planning, business management, digital manufacturing, technological innovation and cyber security. He is co-founder and CTO of TI Safe, a national and international reference company for cyber defense of critical infrastructures.

About us

A 100% Brazilian company, it serves more than 150 customers in our country's supply chain. Through a team of specialists and with its own methodology, it has the only academy in Brazil focused on industrial cyber security and offers risk analysis, planning and policy services, implementation of solutions and industrial SOC.

Our Executives

Marcelo Branquinho

Marcelo Branquinho CEO and Founder

Renato Mendes

Renato Mendes Regional director

Leonardo Cardoso

Leonardo Cardoso Regional director

Thiago Braga Branquinho, CISA, CRISC

Thiago Braga Branquinho, CISA, CRISC CTO and Founder

Why are we unique?


TI Safe brought in 2008 the concept of industrial cyber security to Brazil. We established the first R&D center and also the first ICS-SOC in the segment in Latin America. We are a 100% Brazilian company and we have national coverage through our offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador. We serve global customers and are highly rated by all of our customers.


We have a complete laboratory for the approval of new technologies, proof of concept and dynamic analysis carried out by our R&D team. It contains simulators of industrial plants from different segments. Our technical team is made up of experts in industrial cyber security and we often publish technical studies and White Papers in leading scientific magazines and newspapers.


Academia TI Safe promotes training, both face-to-face and remote (EAD format), with didactic material in Portuguese. Through theoretical and practical activities, it has already qualified more than 1000 professionals in Brazil and other countries. We publish technical books in Portuguese on the topic and use them in our training. We offer a technical certification exam (CASE) to prove knowledge.


We have national and international recognition. We often participate in global events as speakers and technology exhibitors. We are the only company in the segment with its own congress and recognized as the largest and most influential in the theme, CLASS (Latin American Congress on Security SCADA) and we sponsor the main events on the theme in Brazil.


We create and maintain the Incident Hub, a global data hub for cyber incidents in automation networks. In it, incident information is collected, standardized, and presented in a spreadsheet structure. The repository integrates data that was dispersed in other global databases, in addition to incident data collected by TI Safe and that are not in other databases.


We operate in Brazilian and international working groups to develop standards for cyber security of critical infrastructures. We are directors of the European CCI (Center for Industrial Cyber ​​Security) for activities in Brazil and co-founders of ISACGA (ISA Cybersecurity Global Alliance), a global alliance of industrial cyber security companies.


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