Flavio Coelho - Eletrobras CHESF

Telecommunications Manager

The Industrial Safety Training, based on the ANSI / ISA-99 standard provided by TI Safe, contracted by CHESF (Companhia Hidro Eléctrica do São Francisco) and held in the city of Recife - PE - Brazil, was very useful in training professionals who work in the area of ​​Industrial Automation Security, which is why we commend and recommend to companies that act or have an interest in this area. Worth it !!!


Flavio Silva ThyssenKrupp CSA Siderúrgica do Atlântico

Power Plant Manager

The TI Safe Place Industrial Safety Training took place at the right time and expected to solve certain problems faced by the company where I work. But first of all, I call attention to TI Safe's commitment to contributing to my team to showcase ways to minimize the major problems faced in the past, at no cost.


Wellington Araujo - Siemens Ltda

Product manager

An excellent course focused on industrial security, which shows us in practice the vulnerabilities in the integration of industrial and corporate networks, and how we can develop solutions based on security standards and IT standards that aim to mitigate the potential risks in information security, using technologies and existing solutions in the market.


Igor Kitzberger - Tupy Fundições

Senior support analyst

Training of excellent quality, didactic content of excellent level and instructor with great knowledge of the subject. Primordial for analysts / engineers looking to specialize in the safety of their industrial networks.


Regis Carvalho - Eletrobras Eletronuclear

Systems analyst

The Safety in Industrial Networks course demonstrated the need for attention to the safety of the critical infrastructures of the power plants. The topics discussed were of fundamental importance in order to align knowledge on the subject, elucidating doubts and clarifying that ICT security should be treated as a priority within Critical Information Institutions, among which could affect mainly security.


Johnderson Nogueira - Fiocruz Bio Manguinhos

Maintenance Engineer

This course has opened my mind to the reality of information security, the existing wall between IT and TA and how we should prepare ourselves more and more to protect our greatest good, company information.


Daniela Faria Lacerda dos Santos - COELBA - Electricity Company of the State of Bahia

IT Risk Manager

The course should be compulsory for the entire area of ​​automation technology and for any IT analysts who support and support the automation areas.


Igor Mateus de Araújo - COSERN - Companhia Energética do Rio Grande do Norte

Automation Unit Manager

The course really promotes a series of paradigm breaks and collaborates a lot to better raise awareness in IT and automation professionals about the importance of safety in industrial automation.

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