Between May 26th and 28th, in Curitiba, companies and public sector representatives will debate about the digital transformation and the impacts on cybersecurity

In Brazil alone, 66 million computers no longer have technical assistance.

Joint solution aims to be a powerful resource for managing and recording critical events for customer installations

With cybersecurity DNA for industrial automation, Claroty was born in Israel and has Siemens, Schneider and Rockwell among its investors

TI Safe's goal, as a solution integrator, is to meet the cybersecurity demands of the National Electric System Operator project

With 13 years of experience in the industrial cybersecurity market, TI Safe joins the group, led by the International Society of Automation (ISA), of companies that design global safety standards for the industrial automation industry

The three-question section for this month is for Igor Oliveira, Light Information Security Coordinator

Cybersecurity Ventures data points to 9% growth compared to 2013 year

Curitiba Development Agency, Clavis, ISACA, UTCAL, Curitiba City Hall and Pinhão Valley are officially supporting the event.

Monday, October 07 2019 18: 31

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