Claudio Hermeling reinforces the TI Safe team for the company to grow in the electric sector

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Tuesday, 30 March 2021 18:35

Executive combines more than 30 years of experience and vision of the future  

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Claudio Hermeling is the newest Sales Manager at TI Safe. He will act in the development of new cybersecurity businesses for the electric power segment, an area in which he brings a huge baggage. Over 30 years, the executive built a solid career at Companhia Paranaense de Energia (COPEL). Six years ago, he was also the technical coordinator of the Security Commission for the Generation and Transmission Networks of Copel GeT, whose activities were related to cyber security

At TI Safe, Hermeling's main function will be to assist companies in the electric energy segment in choosing and implementing cybersecurity solutions for operating networks, in order to ensure integrity and availability, in addition to guiding the necessary implementations to meet it security requirements of the new network procedure of the National System Operator (ONS), which will be published soon. “I have great expectations of being able to contribute to TI Safe, which is a reference in security for critical infrastructures and which has collaborated significantly with companies in the energy sector. Certainly there will be a lot of harmony and I will apply all the knowledge and experience acquired over years of work with activities developed in the electricity sector ”.

Hermeling points out that it is a great challenge to work in the midst of a pandemic, in which almost all companies are in teleworking system and Brazil is facing economic crises in several segments. “The uncertainty of the economy causes organizations to restrict their budgets and prioritize actions. I have seen that most of them still do not understand that the lack or delay of investments in the security area for the operational networks can bring considerable losses. As if this were not enough, the waves of cyber attacks have found several loopholes targeting corporate networks, for the time being ”, he evaluates.

For the new TI Safe Sales Manager, new waves of attacks will come and may be directed at the operating networks. “Soon, we will have new regulations coming from ONS that in a short period of time will require investments and a lot of work. Along with the new ONS network procedure, possible regulation, perhaps more comprehensive, coming from ANEEL is being dealt with.

The main challenge, therefore, is precisely to show top management of companies that we are at a critical moment that requires significant investments in the entire energy production, transmission and distribution chain ”, he explains.

According to Hermeling, adapting in time can be decisive for companies that need to keep their assets in perfect security conditions and meeting legal requirements.

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