TI Safe creates Incident Hub that concentrates data on cyber attacks carried out 4 decades ago in industrial plants

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Monday, October 26 2020 14: 27

The repository concentrates global incident data in automation technology (TA)

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TI Safe created the Incident Hub. The portal centralizes data on incidents in industrial environments and is curated by the company's R&D team. The data, which began to be recorded in 1982, includes the year of the incident, description, country, type of industry attacked and details on the impact.

In addition to public domain data collected by TI Safe, the repository also contains information that was dispersed on RISI platforms, last updated in 2015, and that of CIRWA developed by researchers from Temple University in the USA and, in this case, only report attacks by ransomware about critical infrastructure.

According to Marcelo Branquinho, CEO of TI Safe, the objective of the Incident Hub is to centralize reliable information about cyber attacks on critical infrastructures. "The texts in English were kept in their original format in order to avoid losing details about the incidents. The data are collected and standardized, being presented in a spreadsheet structure, with four columns for listing, order and search. The columns are : year of the incident, description, country and type of industry attacked. Clicking on any incident in the list will open a new window with the details of the same ", explains Branquinho.

The creation of the Incident Hub was highlighted in the specialized press. Check report on the portal CISO Advisor


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