Cyber ​​Safe Suspect TI Safe: New game for cybersecurity awareness and training

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Monday, October 26 2020 13: 50

 The game was inspired by the version created by Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI)

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Much more than taking information about the risks and precautions necessary to ensure the safety of industrial plants, TI Safe wants to provide a fun experience for those involved and thus ensure greater absorption of concepts. “Playing with friends always creates more efficient learning”, highlights Marcelo Branquinho, CEO of TI Safe. 

And nothing better than gamification to achieve this didactic objective of learning. For this reason, inspired by a version developed by the Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial (CCI), TI Safe created Ciber Suspeito. It is a board game that will be distributed at events, promotional activities and on the company's website.

The game, which was specially developed to raise awareness among industrial managers in organizations, is a professional tool for awareness and training in industrial cybersecurity, with practical applications for both providers and administrators and users of SCADA systems, PLCs and others found in security environments. automation of companies.

In the dynamic proposed by Cyber ​​Suspect, each player takes on the role of a cybersecurity investigator and uses his deduction skills to solve an incident that culminates in the shutdown of an automated process at the industrial plant.

The aim of the game is to find out which suspect was actually responsible for the incident; where on the plant the incident originated; which vulnerability was exploited and which threat was used.

The game also helps in understanding the importance of ICS-SOC (TI Safe's Cyber ​​Security Operations Center for industrial environments) for the collection of evidence and the consequent resolution of the mystery. “It's a fun way for us to address cybersecurity in the industrial environment to create engagement and awareness in an empirical way. This happens naturally during a match. We are confident that the game will be a success ”, concludes Marcelo Branquinho.


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