Siemens signs agreement with TI Safe in cybersecurity area

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Friday, August 28 2020 20: 43

Partnership focuses on regulatory and critical infrastructure areas in the electricity sector

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The multinational Siemens, which operates in several industrial segments, has just closed an unprecedented strategic partnership with the Brazilian company TI Safe to provide a complete cybersecurity solution for the electricity sector.

Paulo Antunes, Siemens Applications manager, explains that with this association, the company will start offering customers an even more complete cybersecurity scope, including: cybersecurity assessment with the provision of strategic diagnostics; implementation of cybersecurity projects covering products, people and processes; maintenance of the service over time through monitoring in the Security Operation Center (SOC). “Brazilian society is debating the need for a cybersecurity regulatory intervention for critical energy infrastructures. For this reason, it is essential that we have the experience of TI Safe to help our customers to meet the demands of adaptation that may arise ”, details Antunes.

In partnership with Siemens, TI Safe offers the service of continuous threat monitoring through the ICS-SOC (Security Operation Center) and delivers a specialized service to industrial and electrical sector customers. According to Marcelo Branquinho, this is a complementary portfolio. “Siemens' energy arm has been dedicated to developing digital applications for the sector (solutions for the Internet of Energy - IoE) and we at TI Safe are currently responsible for the cyber security of the operating networks of electricity distribution companies that supply 50 million Brazilians, that is, we have a deep knowledge of the risks for the sector and we know how to contain invasion attempts ”.

For Paulo Antunes it is also an opportunity to add value to Siemens' solution in the cybersecurity area. “We show our customers that a cybersecurity project has no beginning, middle and end. It is a topic that requires continuous maintenance over time. With TI Safe, we will be able to improve our value proposition for the market ”, concludes Antunes.

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