In this month's series, TI Safe addresses awareness of industrial cybersecurity

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Friday, August 28 2020 20: 38

Importance of training to establish the concepts of those who work in industrial plants

ICS security

Education and awareness in methodology ICS.SecurityFramework®

The vast majority of companies in the commerce and services, industrial, health and utilities sectors have implemented IoT and operational technology (OT) solutions, which have significantly increased the risk of cyber attacks. Due to this scenario, training in cybersecurity, mainly for the industrial sector and critical infrastructure, has a huge market demand. To provide protection, it is necessary to know the risks to which an industrial network and control systems are subjected, which are the main safety standards available on the market and how to implement and monitor the CSMS (Cyber ​​Security Management System) defined by the ISA / IEC 62443 standard.

For Marcelo Branquinho, CEO of TI Safe, training, certifications, events and other teaching tools appropriate and specific to the area, consolidate the concepts of cybersecurity for employees working in industrial environments. “There are countless forms of learning, both institutional and self-taught. However, in relation to industrial cyber security, this process requires some specific guarantees ”, he explains.

In the assessment of Marcelo Branquinho, the training process should be carried out when implementing protection solutions or anticipating a risk analysis and can help demonstrate to the board and managers how important cyber security is in a critical infrastructure and eliminating myths like those that say that an automation network is safe because it is "isolated".

The TI Safe Academy offers specific training and certification for the protection of critical infrastructures that equips professionals to secure industrial networks and control systems against cyber attacks. The training offered by TI Safe, also available in the Distance Learning (EaD) modality. Based on the methodology ICS.SecurityFramework®, the training teaches how to apply the best practices of the ANSI / ISA-99 standard (currently ISA / IEC 62443) in industrial environments and is indicated for IT or Automation professionals who have knowledge about operating systems, network protocols, languages programming, hardware and software. Find out more about the courses offered by TI Safe Academy.

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