Webinar on Phishing Attacks in Industries highlighted what must be done to protect critical networks from this threat

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Monday, 27 July 2020 20:07

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Every day cell phones and computers are bombarded with fraud by email, SMS, WhatsApp and even phone calls. These actions, when used in cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, have already resulted in blackouts and the shutdown of industrial networks.

To help companies understand a little more about the Phishing industrial, know the technical and personal control measures and answer questions, TI Safe held a webinar on July 21st. The event, as well as others held online during the period of social isolation, due to the pandemic, aims to help customers and other interested companies learn more about cybersecurity and how to implement it.

During the webinar, Marcelo Branquinho and Thiago Branquinho, respectively CEO and CTO of TI Safe, explained how the invasions by phishing and because they work (insecure configurations and social engineering). Executives also scrutinized, as a case study, the attack on energy companies in Ukraine in 2015, which resulted in 68 substations shut down for eight hours. For those who were unable to follow the live performance, the complete recording is available at TI Safe channel on YouTube.

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