Secure remote access to automation plants

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Friday, 20 March 2020 20: 19

TI Safe ICS.SecureRemoteAccess protects the priority functions of remote operation of industrial plants

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Due to the transmission speed of the new coronavirus, COVID 19, the world is going through an unprecedented health crisis. The adoption of measures that aim to contain the spread of the virus is crucial. To reduce the likelihood of contagion of the workforce, it is recommended that companies adopt the home office. Not only the administrative areas, but also parts of the production process in the industries can be carried out remotely. In many industrial plants the operation of priority systems such as supervision and control, equipment support and support services have remote access capability.

To ensure remote access reliability in automation plants, the TI Safe ICS-SOC team developed a solution based on technology Thales STA (Safenet Trusted Access). According to Marcelo Branquinho, CEO of TI Safe, the installation is quick, can be done remotely and is implemented transparently. “TI Safe ICS.SecureRemoteAccess allows the user to have a second authentication factor and ensures connection security", details Branquinho.

The solution is managed and monitored 24x7 by the TI Safe ICS-SOC team and is implemented without the need to visit the plant or the customer's control center. TI Safe ICS.SecureRemoteAccess is sold according to the number of users who will make a secure remote connection, always in multiples of 10, with a minimum of 50 users. The installation can be done in a maximum of two days, including tests and necessary integrations. A TI Safe is making a commercial offer in the try-and-buy model available to companies that are interested in proving the efficiency of the solution. The customer will have 30 days to test free of charge.

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