TRUE WORK and TI Safe strengthen partnership and bring news at CLASS 2020

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Thursday, 06 February 2020 17:29

Joint solution aims to be a powerful resource for managing and recording critical events for customer installations

Partnership Truework to use

A TRUE WORK, a research and development company, focused on providing professional consulting services and development of information systems, closed a partnership with TI Safe in October 2019. According to Adriano Favaro, director- TRUE WORK executive, the two companies had the opportunity to get to know each other's work and identified great potential for complementarity.

The objective, therefore, of strengthening the partnership is to create a joint solution that meets the demand for monitoring and control solutions. According to Marcelo Branquinho, CEO of TI Safe, TRUE WORK drew attention for its great capacity to transform ideas and technologies into exceptional products / services and far beyond expectations. â € œWe are developing a monitoring solution that aims to comply with cybersecurity policies, using TRUE WORK smart devices. TI Safe, through ICS-SOC surveillance, can correlate security events with physical presence monitoring information, thus validating whether people, locations, time rivers, length of stay and actions detected are adhering to the security policies established by the contractors, â € explains Favaro.

The executive also explains that TRUE WORK expects to offer more security and information to its customers through the intelligent monitoring of TI Safe. The initial focus of the partnership is to complement the service already offered to active customers of TI Safe. In other words, a technological upgrade will be carried out, incorporating TRUEWORK monitoring, for all those who use the ISC-SOC Security TI Safe monitoring solution. â € œWe are finalizing the last integration adjustments to present the complete solution at CLASS 2020, â € concludes Favaro.

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