Light enhances cyber security of your data network with TI Safe and Palo Alto

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Tuesday, December 03 2019 18: 48

The three-question section for this month is for Igor Oliveira, Light Information Security Coordinator


A Light, Rio's main energy distributor, now relies on Palo Alto Networks firewalls to protect employees and customers from cyber attacks. The choice to buy the solutions came through technology partners such as TI Safe. TI Safe News spoke to Light's Information Security coordinator on the topic.

TI Safe News - In the project “Light enhances cyber security of your data network”, what were the measures taken?

Igor Oliveira - The primary focus was on upgrading security technology that protected the perimeter of the automation environment. Following this, in partnership with TI Safe and in possession of the new technology in the environment, we began to adopt more stringent security measures.

TI Safe News - How will Palo Alto and TI Safe solutions be integrated into the project?

Igor Oliveira - The choice of TI Safe was very assertive, as Light was looking for a company that had enough automation experience to migrate its environment. Palo Alto's solution came through market research in which we identified that the technology met all of the security requirements requested by Light.

TI Safe News - How important is network security for power distribution and services?

Igor Oliveira - The security issue is vital to Light, as service is extremely critical and needs cutting-edge technologies. Today, the topic of information security is gaining momentum in strategic planning and Light is increasingly investing in cyber security.

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