TI Safe attends ICS Cyber ​​Security Conference and Cyber ​​Security for Critical Assets (LATAM)

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Tuesday, August 27 2019 15: 25

Cyber ​​security forums and discussions are important for building relationships and sharing experiences.

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Present at key events in the country's cyber security industry, whether as a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or all three at the same time, TI Safe knows the importance of being in these forums to consolidate its marketing and communication strategy with its audience. “Technology resources are key to expanding our communication and connecting us. However, it is a fact that only online interaction does not provide the same bond established by face-to-face contact. For this reason, we have not excluded from our communication strategy the selection of highly representative corporate events focused on industrial cybersecurity ”, details Marcelo Branquinho, CEO of TI Safe.

To define the seminar grid in which he and the co-founder of the company, Thiago Branquinho, will lecture, consideration is given to aspects such as target audience, topics to be discussed and especially the networking spaces that the events offer. “This is the moment when we have the opportunity to deepen relationships, show what we can do for the customer, and also understand their main anxieties about cyber security. That way we can improve our solutions and deliver what the market needs, ”said TI Safe CEO.

At the opening of the first edition of ICS Cyber ​​Security Conference, on 28 August, an event taking place in São Paulo, Marcelo Branquinho and Thiago Branquinho present an overview of industrial cyber security threats and response mechanisms. The content covers the current cyber warfare scenario, provides real-world cases for the public to reflect on as they face the challenge of building and maintaining industrial cyber security teams operating 24 hours, seven days a week.

Also held in São Paulo, the Cyber ​​Security for Critical Assets (CS4CA) - Latin American version being released this year - happens on October 29 and 30. As cyber attacks on the region's critical infrastructure have become a growing and urgent threat, CS4CA LATAM has triggered leaders thinking about security in Latin America, as well as governments and major asset owners in the oil and gas sectors. gas, chemicals and energy to share expert information and collaborate in solving your cyber security challenges.

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