TI Safe is featured in CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel) special cyber security program

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Thursday, July 25 2019 09: 53

The report, which was recorded in Brazil, will be aired on the North American national network next Sunday, July 28.


Ed Begley Jr's Innovations News episode highlighting recent advances in cybersecurity will be aired next Sunday, July 28, on a US national network at noon ET (Eastern time). Due to the important performance in the cyber security market for the industrial sector in Brazil, Marcelo Branquinho and Thiago Branquinho, founders of TI Safe, and also Daniel Motta, innovation and technology manager of SENAI-CIMATEC, TI Safe partner, were characters of report that airs on the CNBC.

In addition to addressing vulnerable industrial control systems, the program addresses current integration challenges that have increased the risk and complexity of installing cyber security controls. The series explores how global cybersecurity experts, such as TI Safe, help companies and their vendors with their operations and how cyber intrusion can be prevented through monitoring, machine learning tool integration, artificial intelligence and big data. . US residents can check out the direct report on the 18 channel. In Brazil CNBC is transmitted by cable Verizon FiOS 102 (SD) and 602 (HD). For those who don't have a chance to see it in the next issue of TI Safe News we will post the link to the video as it becomes available. We count on your audience!

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