Three questions for Sérgio Muniz, Country Manager LATAM from Gemalto / Thales

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Friday, July 19 2019 13: 03

Executive points out how companies must prepare technologically to comply with the General Data Protection Act

Sergio Muniz Country Manager Gemalto Tales

IT Safe News - How do you think companies can technologically prepare for LGPD?

Sérgio Muniz - There are at least four strategic paths that must be mapped in parallel for companies to be prepared for the new data protection law. These are: legal / compliance, incident reporting plan, data analysis (where it is born, which systems and sectors in the enterprise transit, where it is stored, and what is personal and sensitive data that should be kept anonymous) and finally cyber security tools to ensure that data remains anonymous or that the risk surface between the various users of the information to be addressed can be reduced. The last two paths are technological, the last being in particular the area where we operate directly as Gemalto / Thales and through our network of resellers and distributors, such as TI Safe, which recently launched a Solution for LGPD Implementation in Utilities qwho makes use of our tools.

IT Safe News - What are the biggest challenges for law enforcement?

Sérgio Muniz - One of the biggest challenges is to begin planning and identifying the most effective tools for obtaining consent, and especially for protecting data that travels freely across multiple areas of organizations, without any processing and sometimes without any specific need. for business Rethinking this flow and implementing effective data protection tools that will need to be worked on by one part of the organization has been one of the biggest challenges for the organizations we have interacted with in recent months. Our approach has been very well accepted.

IT Safe News - Talk about the solution developed in partnership with TI Safe.

Sérgio Muniz - Our approach is to make sure customers start by making their audience data anonymous with privileged credentials (DBAs, administrators, etc.). IT and / or security professionals become fraud vectors because of their privileged access to systems and data. Our solution allows this audience to continue to have access to systems but no longer have access to data. This ensures a significant reduction of a currently existing and heavily exploited risk surface in many of the scams that have recently been made public in Brazil.

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