Ministry of Defense promotes mock exercise to combat and prevent cyber attacks

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Friday, July 19 2019 12: 09

During the event, the participating 214 also attended a lecture by Marcelo Branquinho, CEO of TI Safe, who spoke about the importance of cyber security in Brazil.

Guardian with Branquinho

Between 2 and 4 in July, the Brazilian Defense Ministry's Cyber ​​Defense Command (ComDCiber) conducted the simulated 2.0 Cyber ​​Guardian training. The main objective of the activity, which brought together 214 participants and 40 public and private institutions, was to promote greater interaction between the Brazilian military cyber defense system and those of the country's critical infrastructure protection, such as the Electric, Financial, Nuclear and Energy sectors. Telecommunications, which were the focus of the event.

According to Commander Guido Amin Naves, general of the Cyber ​​Defense division, by creating scenarios with simulated technical and management problems, it was possible to test and allow interaction between the governmental and corporate spheres, as well as to improve the level. of cooperation between the sectors. "The idea was to get society, institutions and, ultimately, the country as a whole, aware of the need for precaution against cyber threats and also adaptability to the high-tech environment in which we live," pointed out the commander.

The simulation was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Defense, Justice and Foreign Affairs, the Presidential Institutional Security Office, the Armed Forces, federal government agencies, banks, nuclear, electric companies , telecommunications and academic researchers.

In addition to the simulated, Marcelo Branquinho, CEO of TI Safe, was invited by the Ministry of Defense to give the event's opening lecture and present data that endorsed the risk factors, types of attacks that could affect national sovereignty and the importance of security. cybernetics for Brazil. “We are witnessing the consolidation of a new war scenario, whose weapons are not warlike, but have even more harmful potential. The so-called fifth dimension of war is that of information. Psychological operations, counterinformation, electronic warfare, and computational operations occur silently and anonymously, with no definite territory, with little chance of reaction. That is, the nations that keep their guard open for cyber issues will be easily subdued, ”said Branquinho during the lecture.

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