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US Cyber ​​Attack on Iran Confirms Fragility of Critical Infrastructure

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Monday, 24 June 2019 13: 48

Military computers were deactivated in retaliation for the overthrow of an American drone.

missile Photo: Reuters - Reproduction G1

What until recently could have been just a fictional screenplay of a Hollywood action movie, the most improbable, has just come to fruition. According to information from the Washington Post, replicated worldwide, on the last day of June 20, US President Donald Trump authorized a cyber attack, which knocked down military computers from the Iran. The attacks, which would have occurred in retaliation for the destruction of an American drone on Iranian soil, targeted computers that control missile and rocket launches and an Iranian spy network responsible for monitoring the passage of vessels through the Strait of Hormuz.

According to Marcelo Branquinho, CEO of TI Safe, the action shows that cyber warfare is already a reality and can be used in many ways and in the interest of those who own the technology for system security. "Not only does it worry that the United States has disabled Iran's missile system. The scariest thing is to think of the prospect of such control being used to trigger a war. This cybernetic invasion, under the command of the leading authority of the world's greatest power, demonstrates the sophistication of the technology used. Nothing would prevent, since it is possible to control the system, also have access to fire attacks against neighboring countries or even against cities in the country itself, "says Branquinho.

This is not the first such attack to be reported. At 2010, Tehran accused the United States and Israel of creating, in the midst of a crisis involving Iran's nuclear program, the powerful Stuxnet malware, with which they infected the centrifuge control systems used in uranium enrichment, located in two Iranian nuclear plants.

For Branquinho, this new attack should sound like a real red alert. "One country controlling the missile system of another country is something very serious. Moreover, it is a tendency for wars to become increasingly unequal, in favor of those who have control over cybersecurity ", concludes Branquinho.

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