Trends in cyber risk management and information security

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Thursday, July 25 2019 10: 23

Study shows how companies in Latin America and the Caribbean assess cyber risk.

companies analyze risk

Although cyber security is recognized as an important component in the governance and management model, more than half of Latin American and Caribbean companies do not address the cybersecurity scenario in their business continuity programs. This is what search performed by Delloite.

Most respondents are unaware of the impact of virtual attacks, which explains why most respondents report that they do not compile or share information for the purpose of putting in place internal preparedness and response processes.


The survey also shows that companies in Latin America and the Caribbean are in the middle stage of data protection. Networks have protection against malware and additional technologies to the antivirus, but there is opportunity for improvement in critical protection.

Nearly half of the companies lack the capabilities to test denial of service attacks.

The main trends identified by the study

1 - Improve monitoring and response capabilities.

2 - Review budgets for cyber risk management and information security.

3 - Understand the cyber threats that affect your industry.

4 - Train and educate employees about cybernetic risks and their impacts on the organization.

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