TI Safe launches cyber security intelligence and monitoring platform for the power sector.

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Wednesday, June 19 2019 17: 23

TI Safe ICS-SOC makes available to its customers the Energy SIEM tool.

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In search of smarter and more efficient services, the electric sector is moving towards the digitization of its networks, which makes them vulnerable to cyber threats.

To better serve customers of managed security services, TI Safe has integrated ICS-SOC with a customized monitoring platform for the specific demands of electric power environments. The platform called Energy SIEM facilitates the identification of security incidents in automation networks through the correlation of events, reducing the response time to ICS-SOC team incidents.

Energy SIEM, Information Management and Security Events for Energy has been developed based on the electrical sector's safety rules and offers dashboards with information such as edge security, industrial network protection, malware control and data security. Incident identification, telemetry, risk modeling and impact analysis can be viewed on a single screen in the operational control room for better decision making.

The platform also generates detailed reports, providing transparency in proving regulatory compliance and compliance.

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