Three questions for Daniel Motta, manager of innovation and technology at SENAI-CIMATEC

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Thursday, 16 May 2019 15: 31

Cybernetic risks becomes a compulsory subject of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to meet the demand for full technology professionals.


Recorded at the TI Safe office in Rio de Janeiro and in Salvador at SENAI-CIMATEC, the Innovations program TV (I-TV) will enter the grid of Fox Business, Discovery Channel and VoA News, in June.

To whet the curiosity of the blog readers, we selected three questions that were asked by I-TV to Daniel Motta, innovation and technology manager of SENAI-CIMATEC. Check out:

I-TV: What was the motivation to include industrial cyber security in the course curriculum?

Daniel Motta: Studies indicate that in 2021, we will have 3,5 million available for hiring in the area of ​​industrial cyber security. However, many of these vacancies will not be filled due to the gap in the training of people to work in the area. With this vision, we decided to include the subject as a regular subject in our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The goal is to prepare professionals for the future.

I-TV: What other aspects differentiate the SENAI-CIMATEC training in cyber security?

Daniel Motta: We also work with projects incorporating artificial intelligence techniques to meet the current scope related to cyber-crime. For this, we have sought partnerships, as we have with TI Safe that adds experience and content, both for our portfolio of courses and services as well as for our activity in research and development.

I-TV: How does partnering with TI Safe help the challenge of preparing professionals for the cyber security market?

Daniel Motta - Our courses today count on the partner of TI Safe in the regular programs and also in courses extracurricular. It is a strategic alliance as it speeds up the process of development and knowledge. TI Safe, through the test bench, empowers our professionals to conduct research, as they have access to what happens in practice in a real cyber attack environment. In this way, we have been able to equip SENAI-CIMATEC professionals to operate in the market, and also to be multipliers of this knowledge for the students. That is, we look inside as a research and development institution preparing us for the real scenario in which industries, government, commerce, service area and individuals are digitally exposed; as well as for the external field, differentiating the professionals we have trained to work in the labor market.

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