Internet of Things (IoT) finally mobile

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Wednesday, April 24 2019 16: 49

5G and the prospects of its implementation for the industrial sector was one of the central themes of the Hannover Messe 2019

Exhibition with 5G Arena showcase, seminar debates, talk at the stands, the launch of 5G industrial was undoubtedly one of the great stars of this edition of Hannover Messe. There has been a lot of talk about 5G in the market, but what actually exists already? Much more than speed, 5G should offer low latency and stability, meaning more reliable connections. Unlike previous mobile phone standards, this time, consumers and smartphone users are not the primary targets. This audience should continue to be handled very well by 4G / LTE. The main point of the 5G is that the frequency will meet a large number of completely new requirements in industrial automation. While the first 5G cell phones were introduced a few weeks before HM19, researchers and engineers worked on industrial applications such as the 5G super-fast mobile radio for use in industrial environments. There are many conceivable application areas, because 5G with real-time data transmission, high security and low power consumption makes the Internet of Things (IoT) finally mobile. Experts from around the world from various industry sectors talked about the perspectives and usability of the 5G in the 19G "5G Arena" forum. In May and June of 2018, the Gartner Group interviewed 185 companies. According to the survey, two-thirds of them indicated plans to deploy IoT applications based on 5G to 2020. Read more at 5G for industry

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