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Wednesday, April 24 2019 14: 49

Robots operating factories, artificial intelligence for sensor decision makers in a plant, among other innovations, were featured in HM19

Machine learning allows forecasts to be made based on large amounts of data. This branch of artificial intelligence is built upon pattern recognition and has the ability to extract knowledge independently of experience. For this reason, technology has found its place in industrial processes. In an intelligent factory, the production processes are connected and machines, interfaces and components communicate with one another. Large amounts of data can be collected to optimize the manufacturing process. Big data supports process optimization using image analysis and image recognition. Companies today use machine learning in maintenance and support services. By means of sensors, artificial intelligence helps to capture the energy consumption of machines analyze maintenance cycles and optimize them in the next step. Operational data indicates when a part should be replaced or where a defect is likely to occur. As you the amount of data increases, thestema improves optimization and makes more accurate predictions. Watch the videos that the IT Safe team picked up on the Hannover Messe 2019, and get to know a little of this wonderful new world that is no longer a future to be present:

Factory with IoT - Example of how the 4.0 automobile industry works. All components of the car docking through the internet of things. Video Factory

Smart darts (never miss a target) - Imagine this same sensor in an industrial plant. It could pick up any kind of irregularity in the automation system or in the machines and, instead of warning about the problem, already take decision and solve.Video player

Artificial Intelligence Simulator. An excellent ping-pong player. Video shows an example of intelligent robot, which has been widely used in industrial plants to perform factory tasks. Video IA

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