Learn how the black market for selling whatsapp audios works

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Wednesday, 20 March 2019 10: 01

Leakage of audiences in politics has become a common practice. But not everything can be leaking, it is possible that it is also theft


Among all the barbs publicly exchanged between President Jair Bolsonaro and Gustavo Bebiano, former minister of the General Secretary of Social Security, a controversy hovered in the air: were the audios that proved that Bebiano did not lie, as he accused one of the president's sons ? In this specific case it was clear that there were many interests involved, so the purposeful leak by the politician was not effectively questioned. However, the subject raised the public for the existence of a black market for the purchase and sale of audios.
Marcelo Branquinho, CEO of TI Safe, explains that the simplest way to access whatsapp application data from anyone remotely is to obtain that user's password. "When you install the application on the handset, cloud backup is enabled and all messages and audios downloaded are stored. Just have the user and password of the user in the cloud to access this data from anywhere in the world, "explains Branquinho. But how can you get the passwords used to access the cloud? At this point, some Russian companies get involved in getting and selling this information. According to Branquinho, the service goes out for U $ 50, 00 and in 48 hours it is possible to obtain the password of the person, simply providing the user name that needs to be hacked.
Another way to access audio files is even simpler. The whatsapp web tool, which enables any computer or tablet to mirror information about messages, audios and videos exchanged by the application installed on the phone, has been gaining more and more supporters in the business environment. This feature opens a channel for data theft, since the phone is close enough for the content to be accessed by another computer. Finally, the practice of cell phone cloning, which is usually by the use of a frequency scanner or a high-frequency radio receiver, is another way of obtaining the data. "From these devices it is possible to identify the line and serial numbers of the device. The data received are transferred to a clandestine cell phone, "details Branquinho.
Malware for androids, which manage to steal a message through whatsapp, the so-called "Skygofree", also have quite sophisticated espionage features. "You can take photos, capture video, get call records and read text messages. The malware records conversations and noises automatically when the infected device enters a specific location and connects the device to wifi networks controlled by hackers, "he says. It also has a new type of spyware that can sift through WhatsApp messages and compromise them in an unwanted way. Android-based malware may not only go through chats, but also induce a variety of surveillance methods in WhatsApp, which could hinder privacy.

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