3 Questions to Edgard Capdevielle, CEO of Nozomi Networks

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Second, 04 Fevereiro 2019 16: 23

Executive talks about cybersecurity solutions and industry trends

Since 2016 Edgard Capdevielle is ahead of Nozomi Networks. In partnership with TI Safe, the company will have a stand at the Hannover Messe 2019, the largest industrial technology fair in the world. In this interview, the executive talks about the challenges of the company and says that machine learning is a watershed for the industry.

edgard capdevielle

TS News: Last month, Nozomi Networks received the Global Enabling Technology Leadership 2019 award in industrial cyber security by Frost & Sullivan for its global impact in this area. This recognition is not only due to the technological progress of the company, but also to the quality of services. What are the challenges facing the company today?

EC: It is clear that there is a strong cybersecurity market for ICS and that Nozomi Networks has done a good job of establishing strong leadership in this area. Our biggest challenge today is to rapidly scale to meet growing global demand for our ICS cyber security solutions. Over the past six months, we have more than doubled our global workforce and opened new offices in eight other countries around the world. This is an area where our partners also play a key role. TI Safe is a great example. Our partnership with TI Safe is enabling us to expand our reach in Brazil and Portugal with a partner that is a market leader in critical infrastructure security services.

TS News: SCADAguardian is a solution that will be presented at the Hannover Messe. Could you talk more about the differentials of this solution?

EC: Years of multi-industry experience discerning the complexities of industrial control systems networks, continuous innovation, knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning have made Nozomi Networks SCADAGuardian the most comprehensive, scalable and mature product in its class. Now in its fifth generation of technology, Nozomi Networks continues to lead the ICS cyber security market. Our main differentials include:

  1. Superior operating visibility, enabling users to accurately view their industrial networks and improve resiliency with real-time asset inventory and network monitoring.
  2. The industry's most advanced ICS threat detection, enabling users to quickly manage threats and process risks with a solution that correlates various advanced detection techniques.
  3. Ability to provide support on a global scale, allowing users to centrally monitor hundreds of installations with a proven solution to reach across continents and integrate with IT / OT systems.

Nozomi Networks' proven solutions support hundreds of thousands of devices in more than 1.000 installations, spanning power, manufacturing, mining, transportation, utilities and critical infrastructure.

TS News: Nozomi already uses machine learning in its cyber security solutions. What is the overall impact of this technology on the industry?

EC: When it comes to operating and protecting today's industrial networks, machine learning is a watershed for the industry. As an example, machine learning is used in Nozomi Networks solutions to enable operators to build complete passive asset inventories quickly with just the information flowing through the industrial network - something that in the past was intrusive or a very slow manual process involving humans in cataloging. When it comes to protecting OT networks, machine learning plays a key role. Nozomi Networks' capabilities provide operators with real-time view and detection of threats, automated vulnerability assessments, and prioritized remediation. Industrial networks support a very physical process and artificial intelligence is a fundamental requirement when it comes to mapping and modeling this process and the relation of all its variables to accurately detect the anomalies and their causes. Machine learning allows operators to quickly and efficiently view and protect their OT networks.

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