How to protect Agribusiness from cyber threats

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Thursday, August 02 2018 17: 11

Seminar that happened this month in Goiânia addressed the effects of connectivity in Agribusiness.


Cybercrime is growing in the world and is not restricted to technology companies. In the age of hyperconnectivity, in which networks, systems and automation devices are interconnected and connected to the Internet, the risk of virtual attacks is increasing, whether for financial or ideological motivation. And the field is not immune to this threat.

To explain how Agribusiness can protect itself from this new risk, it was held on August 14, in Goiânia, the 1 Seminar on Cyber ​​Defense for Companies.

At the event, promoted by the Adial Purchasing Club, TI Safe CEO Marcelo Branquinho, presented for industry entrepreneurs an overview of 4.0 Agriculture and security solutions for field automation.

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