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TI Safe promotes event to discuss SIEM

The almost 10.000% growth in the number of attacks reported in the last ten years puts data security in check, which requires a paradigm shift in prevention models

The event held in Rio de Janeiro opened up the Layered Defense model, with an emphasis on the latter, the correlation of events, and its effectiveness in detecting attacks.

During Breakfast, Francisco Camargo, Advisor to the Professional Risk Association, will talk about 'Layered Defense', a model that uses the concepts of the CRUD matrix - Create, Read, Update and Delete - defining everything that can happen with information, then, forward defensive actions. “Invasions are increasingly sophisticated and the future of data protection requires continuous monitoring, correlation of events and protection measures at all levels,” says Camargo.

The event is sponsored by TI Safe, a provider of solutions and services for information protection and CLM Software, a distributor specialized in Information Security and Operational Risk. The event moderator will be Marcelo Branquinho, Director of TI Safe. The meeting will also include the Lecture by João Madrid, Senior Consultant in Information Security at CLM Software, “Correlation of Events for network security”.

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