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Trends and countermeasures for critical infrastructure attacks

Study by Nozomi Networks, TI Safe's partner, points to growth in cyber attacks

To help security teams and researchers in automation and Industrial Internet of Things environments, Nozomi Networks, through its Labs arm, publishes a biannual global report that focuses on: trends in attacks, vulnerability, research and best practices in remediation efforts and technology.

The publication, which presents industry trends and also a survey by Nozomi itself, covers the second half of 2021. According to the report, cybercrime continued to increase in the last six months of the year, with emphasis on attacks from ransomware and in the supply chain with the greatest impact on operational disruption.

The sophistication of attack technology and the risk to organizations continues to be a trend. Regarding vulnerabilities in security cameras and software supply chains, the research points out that when the Log4j vulnerability emerged, gangs of ransomware quickly designed repeatable attacks with a complete process to leverage the exploit to encrypt files and extort payment. Organizations now realize the importance of maintaining a materials software account for their software applications so they can identify and remediate vulnerable systems more quickly.

To learn more visit the report.