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Time to celebrate: TI Safe ends the year in a social gathering with employees and partners

And in the first half of 2022, the company will be present at the main events in the electricity sector and promotes CLASS

“Turning the page, looking forward, focusing on even better times”. We are emerging from the darkness after two years of turmoil. With much of the world's population vaccinated against Covid-19, we can literally breathe and see better times. The world economy still needs many doses of hope to recover, but the scenario is undoubtedly promising.

Here at TI Safe we ​​only have reason to celebrate. The company has grown, we have occupied new markets, developed strategic partnerships, taken advantage of and also created new opportunities. We were visionaries in many ways and, for this reason, we have established ourselves as the best and most complete provider of industrial cyber security in Brazil. We understand that celebrating achievements is vital to encourage us even more and we did it in the TI Safe style: sharing good music and leisure time with all our employees and business partners (photo). We are very confident in the year that starts now and we know that we are the most prepared company in the market to help our customers invest correctly and implement all the cybersecurity necessary for them to continue growing and expanding their business”, Marcelo Branquinho, TI Safe CEO.

TI Safe schedule
In the first half of 2022, TI Safe will be present at the main market events and in June it will promote the Latin American Conference on SCADA Security (CLASS), an event that ranks among the most important in the world in the area of ​​cyber security for Systems of Industrial Controls and is promoted every two years by TI Safe. Check the schedule:


UTCAL Summit
Held by UTC América Latina, a non-profit organization, the UTCAL SUMMIT has as its main objective to promote the approximation and debate of key issues for the telecommunications of Utilities in Latin America.

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T&D Energy Congress & Exhibition
The event will bring together the main experts in the electricity sector, from representatives of concessionaires, technology providers and R&D institutions. It is the first in-person and online event dedicated to discussing the future of substations against the backdrop of the energy transition.
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The largest technical event in the Brazilian electric sector, the National Seminar on Electric Energy Production and Transmission – SNPTEE, promoted by the Brazilian National Committee for Electric Energy Production and Transmission – CIGRE-Brasil.

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The 4th Latin American SCADA Security Conference will bring together researchers with an interest in the security of industrial control systems, in light of their increasing exposure to cyberspace. The topics of interest are broad, ranging from governance for industrial control systems to aspects of SCADA systems such as secure architectures, encryption, access control and defense in addition to: the HACKATHON TI Safe, promoted in partnership with the FIEP System.

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