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Protecting the base industry is critical

Protecting the base industry is critical

Historically, critical infrastructure systems, such as steelmakers and mining companies, have vulnerabilities because they are systems built for specific purposes, designed to work with very little variation. In the past, cybersecurity was not a component of building specifications or the procurement process. The risk of an attack was limited to anyone with physical access to the plant, creating an opportunity for physical damage, malicious system operation or introduction of malware via removable media, among other attack vectors.

The mining industry is experiencing a new stage in its evolution, the so-called "smart mining". This concept involves a broad organizational change with the rapid integration of robotics, automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) in its operational environment, which is also being incorporated into the control systems of steel companies.

TI Safe has experience in these segments. Through the ICS.SecurityFramework methodology and a complete team of cybersecurity experts, it is ready to protect the networks and control systems of steel and mining companies.

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