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Protection for onshore and offshore infrastructures

Protection for onshore and offshore infrastructures

Threats to the security of critical oil and gas networks have become more frequent and sophisticated in recent years and attacks on companies in this segment are frequently reported.

Production processes within the value chain of the oil and gas industry create many potential entry points for attacks. These can be attacks on the physical infrastructure of the industry (such as cutting network cables), disabling critical control systems (through malware attacks, for example) and stealing or corrupting confidential information. The consequences of these attacks can include the compromise of equipment, the loss of competitive advantage and even the loss of life.

TI Safe has experience and serves the largest companies in the country in this segment. Through the ICS.SecurityFramework methodology and a complete team of specialists in oil and gas infrastructure and cybersecurity, it is ready to protect the networks of onshore and offshore control systems of oil and gas companies.

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