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Attack prevention and regulatory compliance.

Attack prevention and regulatory compliance.

Nowadays, energy utilities face great challenges in the search for greater efficiency of processes and improvement of the quality of supply. Monitoring the quality and control of the generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy are important processes that are fully automated and are undergoing a clear digitalization process. In addition, due to the pandemic and the “new normal”, energy companies are increasingly adopting remote work as a practice.

This modernization process greatly increases the risk of security incidents. Increasingly sophisticated attacks, often based on Ransomware, have been hitting energy companies and there is a need for the immediate implementation of cyber security countermeasures for business survival. ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency) and ONS (National Electric System Operator) are working on rules and procedures that will cause companies to take a proactive and holistic approach to protect the entire spectrum of operations and defend their critical infrastructures.

TI Safe has experience and a huge customer base in this segment and is ready to protect the networks of energy control systems.


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The cybersecurity improvement process is a subject that has been discussed by the electricity sector, in particular by the ONS, ANEEL and MME, due to its relevance for the operation of the electricity sector. It was published on the website of the National System Operator “The Operational Routine of Cyber ​​Security – RO-CB.BR.01, an important milestone for the evolution of the sector and for the safety of electrical installations in the country.
The Operational Routine determined by the ONS comes to level the maturity of cybersecurity in energy companies in Brazil and establishes criteria, controls and governance for the facilities that make up the Cyber ​​Regulated Environment (ARCiber), including its operations centers, substations, units generators and transmitters. We have a lot of work ahead of us in the next 27 months. Get to know the TI Safe Subscription solution.

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