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Cybersecurity for field automation

Cybersecurity for field automation

Our country's economy is based on agribusiness, and in this segment we are modern and competitive. Today, the agriculture process has automation control systems for various functions. Temperature control in grain storage silos, automation of biodiesel plants, automation of food and beverage factories, automatic crop irrigation management, fertilizer mixer automation system and many others - automation today is 100% present in the agribusiness.

In addition, we are experiencing the fourth great revolution in agriculture, or simply “Agriculture 4.0”. It is based on the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to agricultural processes and the incorporation of IoT into everyday life in the field. Robotic equipment on farms, autonomous tractors, drones for irrigation and mobility in the field are some of the technologies increasingly found.

TI Safe has experience in this segment. Through the ICS.SecurityFramework methodology and a complete team of cybersecurity specialists, it is ready to protect the networks and control systems used in agribusiness.

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