Industrial Cyber ​​Security Subscription


ASCI is an integrated solution of technologies and services for incident prevention with broad visibility of the security situation and a robust, proactive, autonomous and adaptive defense that establishes business continuity, protects industrial assets, prevents damage, ensures compliance with standards and regulations, and contributes to the company's reliability and reputation.

ASCI Components

TI Safe ICS.SecurityFramework

Security Operations via ICS-SOCS that operate redundantly 24x7

Each ICS-SOC (Industrial Control Systems Security Operation Center) has highly qualified professionals to carry out industrial cybersecurity process activities. The actions of ICS-SOCs are preventive and aimed at protecting the client's business.

ASCI meets the demands of the entire company

Is your plant safe?

Discover your industrial plant’s level of adherence to good cybersecurity practices.


Early threat detection

Advanced tools to identify and neutralize threats in real time or even anticipate suspicious behavior, preventing damage before it occurs.

Reducing risks and costs

By minimizing the chances of successful attacks, ASCI reduces the risks of operational interruptions, data loss, physical damage and consequent financial losses.

Compliance with regulations

The solution assists in adhering to sector-specific security regulations, ensuring that the company complies with legal standards and requirements.

Rapid incident response

ICS-SOCs' teams of experts execute agile incident responses, minimizing time to contain threats.

Business continuity

By ensuring the stability of systems and continuity of operations, ASCI contributes to maintaining the integrity of customer operations.

Immediate protection

With a simplified hiring process (monthly payment), ASCI establishes complete security at the beginning of activities.

Aligned with sustainability

ASCI is in line with sustainability indicators from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Certified methodology

TI Safe ICS.SecurityFramework is internationally certified IEC 62443-2-4 by TÜV-SÜD of Germany.

This reinforces our commitment to the safety of our customers.