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How have power grids turned into potential cybercrime targets?

Interview with Sergio Milani, Project Manager in the Smart Grid and Special Projects area at Copel Distribuição. TI Safe News interviewed the engineer Sergio Milani, who has worked for 14 years at Companhia Paranaense de Energia (Copel), and has a deep knowledge of the electricity sector to find out his opinion on how networks […]



Attack prevention and regulatory compliance. Nowadays, energy concessionaires face great challenges in the search for greater efficiency of processes and improvement of the quality of supply. The monitoring of the quality and control of the generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy are important processes that are fully automated and that are in […]


Network monitoring case study for a group of electricity distributors

Inside the ICS-SOC: dedicated infrastructure monitors and treats incidents in real time In the last episode of the TI Safe series, we interviewed CTO Thiago Branquinho to find out all the services and performance of ISC SOC in a company that distributes electricity. Check it out: TI Safe News - What type of monitoring is done by ICS SOC […]


Siemens Cyber ​​Security and TI Safe Webinar for energy companies

Event brought details about the companies' joint solution for the sector Cybersecurity is an extremely sensitive area that requires secure communication, data integrity, access control and continuous security monitoring of control centers, substations and generation units. To offer a fully integrated market solution, which meets the […]


National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) promotes webinar on Cybersecurity for the sector

 Experts debated on regulation, company vision, procedures and technologies On August 19, the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), which operates in the economic and financial inspection of the electricity generation and services in Brazil, promoted a Webinar to discuss practices, perspectives and challenges related to cybersecurity in the public sector, especially in the services of […]


Pandemic puts electricity infrastructure on high alert against cyber crime

TI Safe has prepared a list of 11 key guidelines to ensure cyber protection for critical energy infrastructure companies. Currently, TI Safe is responsible for the cyber security of the operating networks of electricity distribution companies that supply 50 million Brazilians, that is, it has a deep knowledge of the risks for the […]