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  • governanca-industrial

    Governance and Monitoring

    In their origin, SCADA networks were designed to maximize functionality, with little attention paid to security.

  • seguranca-borda

    Border Security

    The border security aims to prevent unauthorized access and maintain the integrity of information.

  • protecao-rede

    SCADA Network Protection

    TI Safe is the first Brazilian company to provide specific solutions to the internal security of industrial networks.

  • malware-control

    Malware Control

    Technologies for external communication with the automation plant like remote access and wireless networks.

  • seguranca-dados

    Data Security

    Recent news about the theft of sensitive data from global companies bring to focus the discussion about industrial espionage.

  • academia-tisafe

    TI Safe Academy

    To protect critical infrastructure is necessary to know the risks that an industrial network and SCADA systems are undergoing.


Academic Calendar

Training in Industrial Automation Security


Latest from the TI Safe Blog

Always the latest news about the company and the market
  • TI SAFE is featured in the 4th Brazilian Forum of CSIRTs

    After having its paper about the need to establish an ICS-CERT in Brazil approved, the Regional Manager for the N/NE regions of TI Safe, Leonardo Cardoso, spoke on the fourth Brazilian Forum of CSIRTs held in São Paulo last September 18th.

    On the opportunity Cardoso stressed the points drawn up in conjunction with Marcelo Branquinho (CEO) and Renato Mendes (Special Projects) pointing the urgent demand of the country demonstrate to the immediate development of a Center of Studies and Industry Cyber Treatments and become proactive rather than reactive in the response of security incidents in critical infrastructure and SCADA industrial plants.

  • Work in partnership by TI Safe and Siemens awarded as the best Technical Report of XI SIMPASE - Automation Symposium on Electrical Systems

    The Brazilian National Committee of Production and Transmission of Electricity - CIGRE held in Brazil from 16 to 19 August, 2015 the eleventh edition of SIMPASE - Automation Symposium on Electrical Systems.

    The event took place at Expo Dom Pedro in Campinas, São Paulo, with organization of Furnas Central Elétricas SA, is a traditional event in the Brazilian electricity sector, and has established itself over the years as the ideal forum for exchanging experiences on issues related to electrical automation systems.

  • TI Safe Business Manager is interviewed by CBN Salvador about possible cyber attack in the USA

    Last week the US economy icons possibly suffered the biggest cyber attack their stories when on the same day United Airlines had to cancel 5,000 flights, the Washington Post had its drafting paralyzed and the New York Stock Exchange had its frozen systems and in this case the numbers are more than superlatives. For 700,000 business operations were canceled.

  • TI Safe sponsors IBM Cybersecurity event in Rio de Janeiro

    TI Safe sponsored the Rio de Janeiro stage of the IBM road show entitled “Cybersecurity: before, during and after the attack.” The event featured international speakers from the IBM X-Force researchers, responsible for the development and maintenance of IBM security solutions.